Welcome to the National Preconception

Curriculum and Resource Guide for Clinicians

Before, Between and Beyond Pregnancy is designed to be a "one stop" resource for clinicians and others who want to learn more about preconception health, its history, the evidence supporting it and strategies for incorporating relevant content into daily clinical practice. It includes CME opportunities, quick access to key articles, clinical guidance, and news of special interest to providers. Before, Between and Beyond was created as a key component of the national Preconception Health and Healthcare Initiative, a public-private partnership which engages the CDC, HRSA, and other government agencies, nonprofit organizations, professional organizations and hundreds of individuals.

Remember to visit Breaking News to read the latest issue of the Preconception Health and Health Care Update, a monthly communication for individuals interested in improving the health of women and infants through preconception health.

Three CME modules on Preconception Health have been updated. Please visit for free CMEs.

Coming soon: The National Preconception Care Clinical Toolkit: Advancing Women's Health in the Primary Care Setting... Before, Between and Beyond Pregnancy.