The modules are short, engaging and filled with practical information. It is our hope that all visitors to this website will complete them, irrespective of their need or desire for CMEs and that they will return often to see if new modules have been made available.

The modules can be used for CME credit by physicians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants. Click here for more information about receiving credit, computer requirements, and technical support. In some states, CME credit may be useful for the continuing education requirements of other professional groups, as well. Check with your state licensure board if you have questions.

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CME Modules

Important: When you open a module, you will have two choices: open or save. If you choose to open the power point presentation, just click on the arrows to view the next slide. If you choose to save any of the modules, you will need to view the power point presentation in Slide Show and use the arrows to advance the next slides.

  • Module 1: Preconception Care: What It Is and What It Isn't (Download Power Point Presentation)
  • Module 2: Every Woman, Every Time: Integrating Health Promotion Into Primary Care (Download Power Point Presentation)
  • Module 3: Maximizing Prevention: Targeted Care for Those with High Risk Conditions (Download Power Point Presentation)
  • Module 4: In Between Time: Interconceptional Care for Those with Previous Poor Outcomes (Coming Soon)
  • Module 5: Babies to Adolescents: Incorporating Preconception Health Promotion into the Pediatric Visit (To Be Developed in the Future).  A recent article discusses the rationale for the link of preconception health and pediatrics:  Cheng TL, Kotelchuck M, Guyer B. Preconception women's health and pediatrics:  An opportunity to address infant mortality and family health. Academic Pediatrics 2012;12:357-359.  (If you have access to pubmed use this link:  

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